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Small Animal Healthcare

Small Animals Care

Physical Examinations
Physical examinations are a very important part of your animal’s health care. We perform physical examinations at least once a year in all our patients. When pets start to reach their mature adult stage in life, we recommend physical examinations at least twice a year. We perform a physical examination on every pet prior to performing any surgical procedure or treatment.

In House Laboratory
We have a full in-house laboratory to fully serve all the needs of our patients. Tests performed in-house are complete blood counts, chemistry panels, urinalysis, thyroid panels, blood gases, and electrolytes.

Vaccinations and Preventative Medicine
Today we can protect your pet from most major diseases. Vaccinations and preventative medicine are the keys to help prolong and improve your pet’s life. Vaccinations, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick preventatives, and a good quality nutritionally based diet can prevent most disease in your pet for many years.

Fully Stocked Pharmacy
BVH has a fully stocked pharmacy for all your pet’s prescription needs, making us your best choice for quality control and convenience.

Dietary Counseling
We carry Hill’s Prescription Diet, Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina Products. We also offer dietary counseling to insure that your pet’s dietary and health needs are being met.

Dental care is very important to your pet’s health. We perform professional dental cleanings which include a fluoride treatment and dental xray, and perform extractions as needed. We also provide many at home preventative dental care options for your pet.

Laser Therapy
Non- Invasive way to treat and manage many condition’s such as arthritis, lick granulomas, dermatological disorders, chronic pain and inflammation, hip dysplasia, periodontal disease and Intervertebral disc disease.

Puppy & Kitten Education
BVH loves when clients add new pets to their families! We educate new puppy/kitten owners on vaccinations, micro chipping, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick preventatives, dental care, and behavioral issues. BVH provides various starter kits for your puppy or kitten’s first visit. At your first visit we will send your new pet home with a bag of Science Diet puppy or kitten food, and get them started on heartworm and flea preventative for FREE!


Senior Wellness Programs
Generally, once a pet turns 7 years old they are then classified as a senior. We recommend testing our senior patient’s organ functions and blood counts every 6-12 months. Early disease detection is very important to your pet’s quality of life.

Home Again Microchip Identification
The experience of having a lost pet can be frightening and heartbreaking. That is why we encourage the use of Home Again microchips for pet identification. We will implant a microchip approximately the size of a grain of rice under your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. This tiny chip is coded with a unique number that is readable when scanned by a reader carried by most veterinary clinics and shelters. We will fill out the appropriate paper work and your pet’s number is registered for life with Home Again.

Bereavement Services
When the time comes to say goodbye to your treasured friend, the staff at Brenham Veterinary Hospital will help you through it. We work with Treasured Paws Pet Services to serve our personal needs as well as the needs of our clients. They offer many options from private cremations to pet memorials.

Surgical Services
The skilled doctors at BVH perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, including spays and neuters, on a daily basis. Our surgery suite has an EKG/Oxygen Saturation monitor and a blood pressure machine for constant checks throughout any procedure. We also use a heated surgery table for your pet’s comfort.

Laser Surgery
Our doctors are able to perform procedures with a surgical laser instead of traditional methods. Benefits of laser surgery include less pain, less bleeding, reduced swelling and infection, and a faster return to normal activity.

Digital X-Ray
We have a digital radiology machine that allows us to take and process images safely and much more proficiently than traditional methods. Our images can be e-mailed to a specialist, as well as other referral centers, if needed.

Ultrasonograpy & Endoscopy
We perform ultrasound and endoscopic procedures.

Emergency and Critical Care
Brenham Veterinary Hospital provides emergency care.
In the event you have an emergency please call 979-836-2472.




We love Brenham Vet Hospital. As an animal rescue we bring a lot of animals to the vet. Knowing they will be in the capable hands of Dr. Panko or an associate vet is a big relief to us. Whether it is a cat, kitten, puppy, dog or horse, we know they get the best care at Brenham Vet. — Melanie of True Blue Animal Rescue

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Kathy Weaver, Veterinary Technician
Kathy has been employed at BVH since 2000, and works as both a small and large animal technician. Growing up in North Carolina, she showed competitively on the Morgan Horse show circuit. Kathy enjoys training and showing her four Morgan horses.

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Contact Us

If you have an emergency after hours please call (979) 836-2472 to reach a BVH doctor.

Emergency cases shall always receive top priority followed by patients with previously scheduled appointments.